It's about the iPhone, but it's not about the iPhone...

Welcome To Braam 2.0

Version 1 has grown up :-) This website exists to provide you with a bit more information on me, what I do and where I am headed. You might be forgiven for initially thinking this site has something to do with the iPhone. The reason why I chose this picture is it’s beautiful in its simplicity, much like the iPhone itself. The iPhone is for the most part the Holy Grail in mobile phones. Many have tried to copy the iPhone, and none have succeeded. The iPhone is intrinsically designed to be operated by people. That sounds like an obvious statement, but the litmus test was when I handed the iPhone to my mother. In no time she was taking photos, adding contacts and sending messages. I am yet to encounter another piece of technology that is so “user friendly” and so ambitiously copied by many companies with no success. The iPhone represents a clear point in time when a computer company got it very right. Of course you couldn’t copy or paste, forward a text message, send to multiple people or even send or receive MMS, but I vehemently defended my iPhone which lacked these basic features. Why? I’ll let you know once I have figured it out...

Some Details...

Click over to the Projects section to have a look at some projects I have been involved it. I am one of the few people who actually wake up every morning and can’t get wait to start working! By working, I don’t mean the 9 to 5 office routine. I mean the brain work. My work starts when I am still lying in bed, thinking of the exciting things I am going to deal with today. Many people have built funky creative rooms with swings, bean bags, purple and green walls and labelled these rooms “creative rooms” or “thinking rooms”. My creative and thinking room is my shower, my car, my office, my kitchen, the great outdoors and the boardroom.

Under the Portfolio section you will find some case studies, success stories, project implementations and professional achievements.

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